How To Treat Acne Breakouts with Aloe Vera

Use the aloe vera acne kit to treat your blemishes
Treat your acne with Aloe Vera

An acne break out always seems to happen at the worst time, like when you have a big date or before a weekend party. One day your skin is clear; the next it’s a mine field of pimples and irritated skin. If you’re prone to acne, you know exactly what we are talking about, and you’ve probably also tried a myriad of expensive and often ineffective acne products. At The Aloe Source, we have developed a better way.

How Aloe Vera Treats Acne Breakouts

Our Clarifying Kit is a collection of four natural aloe vera products that not only help prevent acne, but nourish and sooth your skin. In the kit for acne-prone skin, you will find clarifying cleanser, clarifying toner,  O2 infusion moisturizer and clarifying spot treatment. We have conveniently combined all four of these amazing skin products into one powerful kit to help you combat and prevent future acne breakouts.  The active ingredients of aloe vera, made from the succulent plant of the same name, work by penetrating the skin and and acting as a natural cleanser. The aloe source products are paraben-free and carefully formulated to help you look and feel your best.

Benefits of the Clarifying Kit

Because our acne products are made with organically-grown, stabilized aloe vera and willowherb extract, they will soothe your skin, not dry it out like many other products on the market. Our vitamin-rich formula nourishes your skin and the salicylic acid naturally found in aloe vera breaks apart pore-clogging debris, leaving your skin fresh, clean and resistant to acne breakouts.

Save $20- Acne Kit Bundle
Treat acne with the Aloe Source Acne Kit

The Clarifying Kit Bundle

If you’ve been suffering from frequent acne breakouts, The Clarifying Kit from Aloe Source can help clear up your skin and keep it that way.

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