Total Skin Care: What Your Skin Needs

total-skin-careFact: Not everyone knows how to take good care of their skin. Maintaining the essential needs of the skin are very important in keeping the skin looking healthy and beautiful. The best way to keep your skin healthy and young-looking is to provide it with a total skin care regimen or system. With a skin care regimen that can sufficiently protect the function and structure of your skin, you are sure to have even more beautiful and radiant skin.

Essential Skin Care Regimens

An essential regimen for keeping the skin healthy and beautiful is generally divided into two categories: a basic and an advanced skin care program. The basic skin care regimen covers the daily and minimal skin care system that a person with any type of skin can practice. Meanwhile, an advanced skin care regimen addresses specific skin problems or concerns. Often advanced skin care regimens include specialized products.

Basic Skin Care Regimen

Basic skin care needs are the foundation of a daily skin care regimen. This type of skin care system covers four steps that include hydrating, toning, cleansing, and protecting.

1. Hydrate

Having the skin well-moisturized is the first step to healthy skin. Hydrating provides the skin with vital lipids, thus, maintaining moisture. Skin specialists often recommend the practice of nighttime hydration once every night. Our O2 Infusion Moisturizer works wonders to keep your skin hydrated and vibrant.

2. Cleanse

This basic skin necessity keeps the skin free from pollutant, dirt, as well as excess oil. Without regularly cleansing your face, you can experience inflamed and clogged pores as well as dull skin. We offer 3 different types of cleansers for varying skin types: Botanical Cleansing Milk, Clarifying Cleanser, and Jojoba Radiance Cleansing Polish

3. Tone

Toning is the next step in a basic skin regimen. Apart from soothing and calming the skin, toning also balances skin pH and lessens pore appearance. To get more efficient results, toning skin care products are applied twice a day right after cleansing.  To complete your basic regimen we offer Botanical Toner and Clarifying Toner.

4. Protect

Lastly, the skin needs protection from the dangerous rays of the sun and other harmful environmental factors. A morning dose of moisturizer with SPF can protect the skin from the sun’s UV ray that promotes discoloration and deteriorates the structural proteins of the skin.

Advanced Skin Care

Advanced skin care addresses specific concerns like acne, discoloration, free radical damage, and other critical skin care conditions. Below is the advanced skin care regimen that one can follow as treatment to different types of skin complications:

1. Treat

This type of advanced skin care comes in when the structures, components, and functions of the skin are compromised, leading to the early occurrence of premature aging.  We offer a Youth Renew Moisturizer and Youth Renew Serum when used together can help fight aging skin.

2. Nourish

Nourishing is an essential form of advanced skin care, for it maintains youthfulness and protects skin health. One can nourish the skin using antioxidants that further prevents premature skin aging and damage. Using the Vitamin C Antioxidant Creme and Vitamin C Antioxidant Complex are the best combination for keeping your skin nourished.

3. Exfoliate

Exfoliating is very important as this replenishes the skin when it becomes rough and dull. This type of advanced skin care practice helps polish and resurface the skin to maintain a glowing complexion. Our number one selling Jojoba Radiance Cleansing Polish as well as our Luminosity Masque are great at exfoliating the skin and keeping it smooth and radiant.

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