The Veracity of Aloe Vera

blg_TNTwo inaccurate concepts plague us about aloe vera. One is the belief that aloe vera is limited to a small range of uses—such as skin irritations, burns, cuts and minor irritations—and should only be applied topically when nothing more serious is at stake. The other is that aloe is a benign but innocuous ingredient in everything from ready-to-drink beverages to skincare.In a sense, aloe vera has been victimized by its own popularity since it has become the most frequently added ingredient in most personal care products due to the wellness revolution and the trend toward natural cures. Since veracity is a synonym for truth, here are the true facts about the healing power of aloe vera.

Aloe vera grows to maturity virtually free of insect infestations that plague other crops. Because of this, it’s much easier to grow aloe vera organically. The problem isn’t in growing aloe vera but in processing it as aloe loses its efficacy within hours of harvest. Coats Labs has its own Aloe Vera Barbadensis fields with adjoining processing facility to ensure maximum efficacy by processing the plants as soon as they are picked.

Aside from topical use, aloe vera has healing properties when consumed orally. Because aloe vera can kill both bacteria and viruses, it can combat a variety of internal issues. Even beyond keeping you healthy during cold and flu season, it helps to regulate the body’s functions. For example, it helps to alleviate gastrointestinal issues, such as GERD, and it also helps you to metabolize your food more effectively.

There are numerous studies that cite the healing power of aloe vera, and specifically the effectiveness of Aloe Vera Barbadensis. To learn more check, get a copy of Bill Coats’ book, “The Silent Healer.” It’s available on Amazon.

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