The Aloe Source Skin Care: Named a Fall Favorite


We were flattered that Pretty In the East named the Jojoba Radiance Cleansing Polish as one of her November Favorites for 2013. Our luxurious cleanser is part of a long list of Fall favorites that the expert beauty blogger recommended. Michelle, the creator and blogger for, writes about fashion, beauty trends, skin care and her life on the East Coast.

She received our skin care sample in the November GlossyBox and fell in love. She states on her blog, “I received a generous sample of this cleansing polish in my November Glossy Box  and immediately fell in compete and utter LOVE! I am most definitely buying a full size of this wonderful product asap! It breaks down and removes any leftover makeup amazingly well and cleanses the skin without feeling the least bit harsh or drying. It contains exfoliating beads that are gentle enough for everyday use yet definitely add the little ‘oomph’ that makes this cleanser more effective than most others I have tried. Also, my skin has been looking great ever since I started using this! I have not had any breakouts, it feels smoother, and looks more even toned. After cleansing my face and patting it dry, my skin feels so clean, refreshed, and glowing! This is honestly, the best everyday cleanser I have ever used, hands down!”

To see the rest of her favorite things and see the full article, please visit her blog here.

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