Plush Pink Allure Review: “The Skin Care Line My Skin Has Been Waiting For!”

Plush Pink Allure uses The Aloe Source for her dry sensitive skin
Plush Pink Allure uses The Aloe Source for her dry sensitive skin

Fair, sensitive skin can be very difficult to manage. The slightest change in skin care product, make up, or diet can cause a flare up that becomes hard to control and cover up. The author of the Plush Pink Allure blog has fair, very sensitive skin and was excited to find our Aloe vera skin care line at the beautypress event in New York City.

Stabilized vitamin C complex and aloe vera provide antioxidant benefits for a glowing, youthful-looking complexion.
This luxuriously rich crème hydrates parched skin.

In her blog, “Review: the Aloe Source,” the author states that our Aloe skin care line may just be the skin care line her “skin has been waiting for.” After using the product for just over a month, her skin is starting to glow. She also says the texture is much softer and visibly more hydrated & healthy looking.

Our Vitamin C Antixoidant Creme has cleared up “those stubborn dry patches” around her nose. She has been using the Luminosity Masque about once a week and loves the “cool, gel consistency which calms the skin, and feels nice after a long day.” 

She closes her article by saying this about our Aloe skin care products; “Each one is super effective and the powers of aloe vera are not to be underestimated!”

So, what are you waiting for? Get your Aloe Skin Care regime started today and have happy healthy hydrated skin in time for the party season.

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*Photos from Plush Pink Allure

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