How to Love Your Skin


Forget about tanning, bleaching and heavy makeup. Learn to love your natural skin tone and complexion. Follow these tips to love your skin and treat it right every day.

1. Hydrate

It’s the most common, and most talked about thing, both in regards to anti-ageing but also our health in general. When our body is dehydrated it can also show on our skin, and due to our bodies being made up of 55-70% water, it is something that makes a great difference. Both inside and out.

It has no calories or preservatives, which means that nothing in it will inflame or irritate your skin, which can’t be said for fizzy drinks. However, if you feel that water is lacking in the flavor department, having coffee or tea is still a great away to get your daily intake of water. Don’t forget about a balanced, healthy diet — eat foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and other vitamins.

2. Go Natural

When it comes to makeup, don’t aim to cover up your skin — instead, just enhance it. The natural look is “in” right now, whether you have pale skin and freckles or deep mahogany skin. Natural makeup doesn’t mean no makeup. Everyone can use a little help now and then to reduce the appearance of blemishes and other small imperfections. Use a sheer foundation or tinted moisturizer that matches the natural tone of your skin. Apply makeup with a light hand — a little goes a long way. Save the ultra-glam makeup for special occasions, and stick with the natural makeup look for everyday wear.

3. Treat your skin right

Love your skin and treat it right. In addition to sunscreen, use cleansers, moisturizers and other skin care products that are suited to your skin type. Never go to sleep with your makeup on.

4. Get plenty of beauty sleep

Lack of sleep can wreak havoc on your skin, causing blemishes, puffy eyes and premature signs of aging. Get at least seven hours of restful sleep a night. Your skin (and the rest of your body) needs the downtime while you are sleeping to rejuvenate itself.

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