Fight the Turkey Take-Over With Aloe Vera Juice


Have you fallen victim, yet again, to the “I ate too much” bug?  Boy, we know it’s easy to do.  It happens every single year. We eat all the turkey and stuffing, biscuits, mashed potatoes and gravy (and maybe a little extra turkey and stuffing?) that our bodies can handle.  Sure, there are “veggies” on the plate too, maybe some green bean casserole, or even a little corn, broccoli or sweet potatoes.  There are probably some sweet cranberries, too.  But, regardless of what is on the plate or how good or bad it is for you, the truth is: we just eat way too much of all of it!  And let’s not even go there with dessert: apple, pumpkin and pecan pies, breads, cakes, cookies and candy – it is all just so deliciously satisfying.  How can one resist? As good as it all tastes going down, you are usually left feeling sluggish for a while. When you’ve finally come out of the Thanksgiving coma, we all want to feel a little lighter and less guilty. So this year, our go-to fix is our Aloe Vera Juice Drink.  It is so refreshing the morning after you’ve overdone it. Filled with vitamins and nutrients that are naturally found in the purified, organically grown aloe vera juice, the drink helps promote inner health and get you back to feeling like yourself again. Our customers have told us they love that it is tasty enough to stand alone, and also mixes nicely with fruit juice.  They have even been using it to enhance their favorite smoothie recipes. They take their favorite fruits and flavors, some aloe vera juice, ice, blend, and voila!  You have a tasty smoothie and are well on your way to a lighter, healthier you (with a lot less guilt)!

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