Review: You Are My Celebrity: “So Good You’ll Forget” the ALOE source


tas-bbAs you get older, your skin can change drastically and keeping it under control can be a real challenge as the expert blogger at found out. Skin care that used to work for your skin can now cause break outs or just be ineffective. Aloe vera is a powerful “miracle plant” with many positive qualities especially in regards to skin ailments.

In her blog, “So good you’ll forget: the ALOE source” the author states that as she entered her late 20’s, her skin began to change for the worse and that finding a skin care product to keep her skin in check was a difficult task. After using The Aloe Source skin care her skin is “clean and smooth and not dry or oily.”

You may be thinking, “which skin care products from The Aloe Source is she using to get such amazing results?” Lyssa, the blog’s author, has been using our clarifying cleanser, clarifying toner and the vitamin c antioxidant creme. This amazing trio has done a 1-2 punch on her skin and given her a radiant and flawless look that we all desire. She even states that our aloe vera skin care products are “so good you’ll forget your using them”.

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  1. Thanks for sharing my post!

    1. Anytime, Lyssa! Thank you for writing the post. We loved it.

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