Just a little about us and our Family-Owned business.

The Aloe Source is much more than the name of our company. It is our story, our passion and our mission.  Our family-owned and operated business was started by pharmacist and nutritionist, Bill Coats.

Aloe has found its way to the market and has become widely recognized around the world. This superb ingredient is included in skin care, pharmaceutical and nutritional products. However, not all aloe products are equal. It is possible that the active ingredients may be lost early in the harvesting process and further diminished during processing.  Many formulas claim aloe on the label, but few have great enough concentration for consumers to have any real benefits.

Aloe vera plants contain hundreds of nutrients, which are extremely sensitive and easily lose their potency if not harvested and processed properly,” says Bill Coats, R.Ph., who was the first person to patent and commercialize a unique method of processing whole leaf aloe vera almost 40 years ago.

The Aloe Source includes expertly-formulated skincare for the face and for the body. Our products are developed from natural ingredients that are grown, harvested, processed, formulated, and manufactured using patent-formulated techniques to ensure the delicate chemistry and therapeutic properties remain intact.

The Aloe Source’s natural and organic products are enriched with active ingredients and the goodness that comes straight from Mother Nature.  In our family, we affectionately refer to Aloe as “the silent healer”, and we invite you to discover and enjoy the healing benefits that can only come from a high-quality aloe product.

Reach out with any questions on our products. Thank you for your business!

Bob Knicker

The Aloe Source