Benefits of Aloe

Our Aloe We utilize a unique charcoal filtration process that removes the aloin and aloe emodin from our stabilized aloe vera without destroying the integrity of its beneficial nutrients.  The Aloe Source partnered with an aloe vera farm in North America to harvest, process and stabilize organic aloe vera exclusively for our products. By purchasing our aloe directly from the source, we are able to control its purity, stability and quality. Benefits There are several Read More


The Aloe Source Launch at the beautypress Spotlight Day

Wednesday, September 18th marked a great day for The Aloe Source team. We launched our line of 21 products centered on stabilized Aloe vera. The launch took place in New York City at the beautypress Spotlight Day. I cannot imagine a better way to kick off The Aloe Source. The entire Aloe Source team has put so much time, energy and passion into this company, and the day finally arrived when we could show the world!