Face-Washing: The Core Of A Good Skincare Regimen

The act of washing one’s face is one of the fundamental steps that a person can take in the realm of skincare, such that its place as the cornerstone of a skincare regimen is hardly arguable. This is a basic act, one that does not require too much effort or time to be expended in doing it, and really just asks that the person have a reasonable level of manual dexterity and access to a Read More


Plastic Microbeads and Why They Have Been Banned

The plastic microbeads used inside exfoliants, face wash, toothpaste, deodorant and more have now been banned by the U.S. gov’t. Manufacturing plastic at such a tiny scale and then disseminating them by the tens of thousands into nearly every American home turned out to be a really, really bad idea. Our wastewater treatment plants are not designed to breakdown these plastic microbeads. They do not biodegrade, so they stay in the ground and waterways virtually forever. Microplastics Read More


The Aloe Source Listed on Holiday Beauty Better Bets

We are so excited that featured the Pomegranate Body Kit in their 2013 Holiday Beauty: Better Bets list. Our nourishing aloe based body products are part of an exclusive list of holiday beauty must haves that the expert beauty blogger recommends. Rhonda Erb, a blogger for, writes about fashion and beauty trends for the online publication.


The Aloe Source Skin Care: Named a Fall Favorite

We were flattered that Pretty In the East named the Jojoba Radiance Cleansing Polish as one her November Favorites for 2013. Our luxurious cleanser is part of a long list of Fall favorites that the expert beauty blogger recommended. Michelle, the creator and blogger for, writes about fashion, beauty trends, and her life on the East Coast.


Review: You Are My Celebrity: “So Good You’ll Forget” the ALOE source

As you get older, your skin can change drastically and keeping it under control can be a real challenge as the expert blogger at found out. Things that used to work for your skin can now cause break outs or just be ineffective. Aloe vera is a powerful “miracle plant” with many positive qualities especially in regards to skin ailments.